Q – Are there any songs from your earlier days that you would love to be able to sing whilst touring but are unable to adapt the song to the more acoustic sound you now have? Or is it possible to do anything with a guitar and a bit of know how?

A – There always seem to be a few songs which need a young man to sing them, sometimes a self righteous young man and I have no desire to sing those songs anymore even if the tunes are good (see Grace, Morning is Broken, etc). Some songs have too many high notes, like Patience, but I can play it in a lower key (as I do with Lost Weekend), still it’s hard on the old vocal chords, so I only try it occasionally. There are a few which I think are a little too complicated for my rudimentary guitar, most of these tunes were written by Blair (see Margo’s Waltz, Downtown). And there are some that I just can’t find a way to play on the guitar, but that doesn’t mean I’ll give up – it took me 6 months to figure out a way to play Woman in a Bar, which was written on the piano, and I really like the guitar arrangement now.