Q – I’m familiar with the reasons that all the songs on Mainstream are credited to LC and the Commotions. Still I’m curious – who did really come up with the tunes?I’ve read that Jennifer She Said was composed by Neil and Hey Rusty by Blair, and that makes sense: Jennifer has the same kind of long vocal phrases as does Rattlesnakes, while Rusty has short phrases, just like Brand New Friend. And we know that Ian Stanley wrote the music for Big Snake. But who composed the rest? My guess would be that you did most of it, but My Bag and Sean Penn Blues sound like they could have been written by Neil.

A – As I recall, and some of it is quite fuzzy –
My Bag – communal, it came out of several song ideas which were, for one reason or another, found wanting. The one I remember, for sure, was called ‘Another Dry Day’.
from the hip – me
29 – me
Mainstream – me
Jennifer She Said – Neil’s original idea
mr. Malcontent – me
Sean Penn Blues – Lawrence wrote the guitar riff
Big Snake – Ian Stanley
hey Rusty – Blair
These Days – me