I didn’t get as much done on the tour as I’d hoped. But I’m home now and finally making some headway with several ideas which have been simmering for what seems like forever –

The country tune previously entitles simply C-Am-E7-F looks like it is going to work with the Transparency lyric idea (yes it’s another Wall Street Shuffle pastiche) – I’ve been able to merge the two, I think. And I may be able to use some of the lines from It’s good to be on top as I doubt I’ll ever be happy with that one… Very pleased that the chorus can open with ‘Westchester County Jail…’

The Double Happiness lyric is definitely working with the up tempo (really…) chord progression where I previously had phonetic stuff which sounded right but made no sense (like Salt and Peppers Lonely Hearts Club). Sometimes it just takes a few months away from an idea to see that it will (or wont) work.

I did finish draft one of The Flipside of That Gentle Melancholy Feeling on the tour (and sung it a few times) but I think it needs a little more work.

The Why In The World lyric is almost there and I would have performed it if I could have figured out a one man arrangement. The trio already performed that one.

What all this means is – the trio shows in January (I’ll post these asap) will be leaning heavily on new material. I can’t work on everything at the same time.