Q – Sitting back on my couch enjoying the Australian summer and listening the past week or so to a favourite album of mine ‘Soul Lost Companion’ by Australian multi-talent Mark Lizotte when I began to think how well produced and recorded the album was. A quick search through the album notes saw it was recorded in New York among various other locales. I knew Neil Finn also played on the album but also I see there Dave Derby was involved, Jerry Harrison(I guess from Talking Heads) there is also a thank you to Lloyd Cole for the kit. What was your involvement with this album? Someone also told me you had meetings with the Finns(Neil and Tim is this true?

A – Mark and I were both part time Brilliantine (Dave Derby’s band) members at the time. I’m guessing we may have been sharing equipment or rehearsal time – something like that. I don’t think I played on any of Mark’s recordings – there would be no call for that – he can play anything and everything well!