I started using Soundcloud when Apple announced that iDisk was going to end soon. Initially just to make tracks available to record company folk and other musicians but I have found that it is pretty useful for all sorts of things.

Recently I started posting a ‘Song of The Day’ on Facebook if I’d been thinking of it, or if had been discussed… the other day I was watching TV with my son when an old b-side was played, so I posted that. Then I found I can make sets on Soundcloud, so I’ve made a few – Songs of the Day are all together, a couple of teasers from my forthcoming album with Roedelius are up there, and just today I thought that maybe I should post the bootlegs and radio recording that the site community here used to share using my iDisk… I can’t use Soundcloud for the whole concert zip files, but individual songs I can upload. I’ve started with a radio session from 1990, just before my first solo tour, it’s just Robert Quine and I in the studio with my old friend Billy Sloan.


I’ll make all public domain tracks like these downloadable.

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Since I started posting these songs it seems that more people are following me at FB. You never know, this might even help with my so called career. Feel free to Like, pass on or retweet me.