Dear Lloyd (and other fans who might have known Spencer):

On May 30th 2010, my dear friend Spencer died. He and I had known one another 19 years, and were in contact every single week.

Spencer was an incredibly devoted fan of you, Lloyd – he attended numerous concerts of yours – most recently Philadelphia in Nov. 2008 at Tin Angel (I was there as well) – and he was very vocal in his requests such as “Pocket Calculator” and “Impossible Girl.” Attending your shows together was something that Spencer and I tried to coordinate on as much as possible.

There was rarely a phone call between him and I when Spencer did not mention you/your music/upcoming releases.

I don’t want to bog down with more details, but below is a link to Spencer’s Facebook page and also to his recent obituary which appeared in The New York Times.!/spencer.churchill?ref=ts


DJ Medusa.

Washington, D.C.

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