Q – Lloyd – I like the new stripped down sound on Music in a Foreign Language, but I was wondering if you are still ever tempted to go for the big string sound on some of the numbers. Is it a matter of economics or can the technology you use do a pretty good job of it? By the way did you used to do all the arrangements as they were always very good?

I’ll be interested to hear the studio version NYC Sunshine which was one of the standout tracks from your acoustic concert in Shepherds Bush. From what I remember it could sound good accompanied by a string arrangement! 😉

A – Well, that is strange. I’ve just been mulling over what I want to do on this record.
When I wasn’t in charge of budgets I got to work with Anne Dudley and Paul Buckmaster, and my friends Adam Peters and Nicky Holland. I was very fortunate. I was always involved in the arrangements, but it was a rare occasion that all the ideas were mine.
MIAFL was a very small sound, and any sound that seemed large or coming from a large space would have been wrong for it. As a consequence the Melotron and Spectrasonics Atmosphere string sounds were quire appropriate.
This album has a different sound, albeit related. And it is distinctly perkier, for better or worse. A few of the tracks seem to be asking for a Love Story type section (the Duke Quartet). Economics certainly factors in the decision making, but I’m pretty sure we’ll find a way to make it happen. Maybe I’ll play a London show to finace the session..
NYC Sunshine is a tough one, the longer I live with it, the less I’m inclined to emphasise it’s anthemic possibilities. I’m working on it right now and it is still maleable and quite capable of going in any direction.