Wednesday 8th, Thursday 9th

Trying to find a synth sound for the middle of G Minor, I realise that my current set up is not as well organised as it should be, when it comes to finding and auditioning sounds. I had a pretty good set up in Logic 5.5 but that was all lost moving to system 10, thanks Apple, and now moving to DP, some of the soft synths have their own databases which are modifiable, some not.
I guess I’m going to spend a couple of days doing dull stuff so I don’t get annoyed every time I have to look for a sound.

I also noticed a relatively new synth I’m interested in – Cameleon 5000 by Camel Audio, so I download the demo of it and a couple of plug ins they make. I end up buying these also.

Cataloging sounds in Tassman, Atmosphere and Cameleon 5000.

A couple of breaks for air – I try the Camel Audio plug in CamelSpace on the electric guitar on G Minor and it is possible to get a great ‘How Soon Is Now?’ type synchronied tremolo/echo thing. Which, it turns out, might be a better idea than a synth in that mid section anyway.

Pretty sure I’ll still be at it all day Friday, but then, hopefully no more until next record..