Monday 22nd

Aching and feeling rather old and battered after failing to make the top 3 in our 54 hole club championship this weekend, I arrive at the office to find the air conditioning not working. Fortunately, I work alone. Unfortunately I’m old and the heat makes me want to take a nap. I drink a lot of diet coke.

More work on NYC Sunshine. Basic vibe from last week is good but it is one dimensional. Harmonically, I think it is dull.
Spend all morning playing with electric pianos and synthesizers trying to find something. Fail miserably. Not having alot of fun in my new greenhouse.
Give up – find an echoey synth which helps intos and transitions but more is needed, maybe the steel string acoustic could do the job??
Try various variations of tunings and capo positions and eventually end up with an open tuning, same as nylon strung, capo 7 frets up. Making the shapes confusing, but just workable. The sound is a nice almost mandolin, but still aguitar for sure sound and a strum!! seems to work. I seem to almost never strum on records these days. It feels almost like I’m some jazz guy who is slumming it to play a rock track.. and here’s a laugh – the noodling I was doing in the b-verse to see if I could hear myself play is more musical than anything else I came up with all day. I recreate the part when going for final passes. Record 3 takes. End up satisfied that the basic track will be fine. Will comp tomorrow morning.