Well, almost 500 people voted in the sizing poll, but we will start with 200 Perfect Skin shirts. If they sell quickly we will do another 200.
We have done some weighing of the box + t-shirt, and I’m afraid a shirt does push the package over 2 lbs, so if you’ve ordered a box and want to add a t-shirt to your order, the shipping on the shirt won’t be free, but it will be much less than if we sent you two packages. I will add a custom shipping option on the t-shirt page to make this as simple as possible, but you should also send us an email to the shop with both order numbers and then we are less likely to mash a hash of things.
I just heard from Universal that the boxes will ship to me on June 19th. How long they will take – I have no idea, as this is the first time I’ve bought stock directly from Universal. But I will keep you posted. We have ordered custom jiffy bags to ship the boxes and shirts in, so we should be ready to fulfill when they arrive.