For my solo acoustic set, for the last 8 years or so I’ve been using a maple Taylor 612 OM shape guitar that I got with a custom black stain finish through Rudy’s in NYC (1990 or so). I use this guitar in the live show for the songs written in open D tuning, although I tune to Eb, because some of the songs are in D, some are in E, so I just play them all in Eb to save fooling around any more than neccesary with the capo.

I also have a Koa Taylor K22 from 1989, same shape, that was my main guitar, for the live show, until this year. It’s a great sounding guitar, but it’s not replaceable and it’s getting a little fragile, I feel. So I’m reserving it for studio use only. Of all my guitars, this guitar is on the most recordings, I’d guess.

Update 4/2015 – This post is from mid 2004. Since then I sold the Koa, and my 612 was damaged by an airline, again… Taylor don’t make the 612 any more but very kindly made something almost identical for me as a one off and I’m still playing it in open Eb, Thanks Taylor Guitars.