Send rough mix mp3s to Neil and Mick Glossop via Skype.
More work on Anti-Depressant. Change tempo from 108 to 112, I like slow, but it seemed to be dragging. This process involves using DP to automatically compress audio files to fit new tempo which it seems to do quite easily. Computers not always evil.
Revisit drums, add some accents and tidy up mistakes. Speak with M Glossop about the concept of layering drum sounds – eg having a main bass drum with another behind it to add bass, or attack. He says it is OK. I was worried about phasing problems, but apparently I can deal with this in DP. Good news because the kick I’m using seems a little thin, in some cases, so I can augment.
Experiment with Albino synth. No real success. But it does lead to an arrangement change – solo passage over repeated chorus is good.
Audition song sketches to decide what next. Rock in the Middle of the Road is the choice. Figure out how to play it.
Guitars are dull, maybe should string before starting.
String 4 guitars. Go home.