Q – Dear Lloyd,

We are sitting here in Old Art Lecture theatre A at the university of Melbourne and we are studying one of your works – Patience – as part of a technical component in text setting for pop songs. Could you please let us know how you went about setting this fine melody.

Best regards,


A – Stuart. I think whatever merit or charm the songs from ’83 to ’84 had came from my having no real idea what I was doing, working with great musicians, great people, and being really excited about the whole thing. I still don’t reallly know how I set a melody to an existing arrangement, but I do it still, occasionally. Sorry I can’t be of more help. Patience, by the way, is the oldest of our songs on record. Blair wrote the chord progression, the beat and the doo doo thing. I wrote the words and melody. That was in the Autumn of ’83 and predates ..Heartbroken? by a month or two.

Publication date: 09/08/2005