Mr. Cole . . . I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoy your work. I’m an attorney in Boise, ID and in the early 90’s I bought your debut solo (the one with “Don’t Look Back”; “To The Church”, “Undressed,” etc.) Been absolutely hooked since [got “The Negatives” going now on my MP3.] Between the great melodies and incredibly smart lyrics — I very much dislike the lowest-common-denominator aspect of American culture — well, like I said . . . there have been countless pleasurable hours spent enjoying your crushingly high level of talent and genius. I haven’t had the time I’d like to travel, but my lovely wife (who is also a big Lloyd fan!) and I did enjoy a trip to Scotland for two weeks in September ’07. I had this fantasy when we were planning the trip that we’d find you playing in some fun club in Edinburgh. Didn’t happen of course . . . but please . . . let me know some time/place I might be able to buy tickets to see you somewhere very cool. Lots of places I haven’t been, and a Lloyd show thrown in could really make for a trip-planning enticement, especially if there might be a package involved in which we could get backstage passes. Would love to share a fine single-malt with you.

One other inquiry. I have several framed music posters in the office of my law office. Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Van Morrison. Would love to add a good one of you. Any links to find some?

Thank you again. Respectfully . . . Stephen Olson, Boise ID