Hi lloyd,

Just wanted to say a big thank you for all the great tunes and brilliant words over the years. I remember when I first became aware of your music. I was lying ill in bed and one of my friends turned up at the door with a tape he said I should listen to, which was Rattlesnakes. Not sure how he got into you as he was a Psycho-Billy into The Cramps & B52’s etc. I vividly remember playing it through my walkman whilst still lying in bed and it sounded like nothing I’d ever heard before. I’ve been a fan ever since.

I luckily got the chance to meet you and shake your hand at a gig at the Turner Sims in Southampton a few years ago around the time of the release of MIAFL. (Great venue by the way).

I told you that I’d named my son after you which I think you possibly found a little bit freaky?!! Not sure if you remember? My wife also asked you for a kiss and you politely declined mentioning something about SARS!! Anyway, you very kindly signed the copy of MIAFL I had brought with me with a very touching message to my son which I will always treasure and hopefully in time so will he. He always used to say ‘Daddy, play Language’ as that was the only part of the title he could remember! He is definitely a budding fan.

Hopefully you’ll continue touring for a few years yet as I’d love to bring him to one of your gigs when he’s a bit older, (he’s 6 at the moment). Look forward to seeing you in the Portsmouth area again sometime soon.

Keep up the good work.