Q – Is your quite amazing song “Period Piece” about the Berlin Wall? I’ve was puzzling over it, but recently tuned in to the clues in the song, eg, ” Born 1961″, “155,000 meters”, “cinderblock souvenirs”, etc. Can you also say whether “Hansa, my lover” is a reference to Hans Tonstudio, which (I believe) was in sight of the wall while it stood?

A – Thanks! I’m glad you enjoy it. It turned out pretty well, I think. I’m not that comfortable with the concept of songs being about things. I think songs are things and as such can be viewed an infinite number of positions. So there are an infinite number of correct interpretations. That said, I was thinking of the Berlin Wall lying on the ground with U2 playing, rather like the image I get from the opening of Knocking On Heaven’s Door, and I liked the idea of a song narrated from that perspective. Google and Wikipedia were very helpful with the 1961 and 155,000m, etc.