The second single from ON PAIN is released on August 25th, 2023.

The single/radio mix is a little different to the longer album version.

And there’s a lovely video. Here.

Here’s the press release –

We’ll move to Berlin

Stop being drug addicts

We’ll cycle and swim

Stop being drug addicts

We’ll enter society

You’ll take the serious guise

I’ll be the idiot

Today (25th August ’23) Lloyd Cole releases a video to accompany his new single ‘The Idiot’, the second single from his new album ‘On Pain’ via earMUSIC. The film is another collaboration between Lloyd Cole and Canadian film maker Doug Arrowsmith from Feltfilm, (who filmed Lloyd’s video for his previous single ‘Warm By The Fire’).

‘The Idiot’ was filmed at the legendary Horseshoe Bar in Toronto, and stars dancers Kaelin Isserlin (as ‘David’) and Ryan Kostyniuk (as ‘Jim’). It is choreographed by dance artist Nyda Kwasowsky from the National Ballet School of Canada.