Q – Lloyd,

As I read your studio journal, I’m quite impressed by the great attention you put in every single detail. Digital recording offers a wide range of possibilities, not going without problems though. Don’t you sometimes feel tired of struggling with technical details rather than merely do what you do the best, i.e. music ?

In recent posts, you mentionned having spent a lot of time twiddling virtual drum sounds (between two crashes) and composing drum parts. Since I’m sure you are able to play at least basic drums, wouldn’t you sometimes like to record yourself playing a real drumkit ? Besides, do you ask your drummer friends for advice or fill-in ideas to include in your songs ?

A – Well, the control freak comes out here. I do hate it, it is very slow and labourious, but I guess I’m hoping I can make something unique and beautiful which is different from anything any drummers I know would do. Also I cannot record live drums in my room, and, sorry to disappoint you, but I cannot play drums, or drive a manual (stick) car.

Publication date: 19/10/2005