More domestic stuff – hanging on the telephone much of the day. Manage to get some work done.
Review song sketches (all sketches from last 10 years, not used on albums are now in iTunes and the 50 or so cassettes are destroyed) for something which complements current track list. Will work on another Neil tune next week.
Find guitar tune which has similar harmonic content to ‘Wouldn’t it be nice?’ and ‘Dancing in the Dark’.. yes, really. Play around with it for a couple of hours and find a way to make a verse – instrumental – verse type structure. No idea for words at this point, but I have books full of stuff that needs to be used.
Find tempo, create provisional arrangement with guide piano, simple drum beat with most recent BFD kit including tambourine.
Record 3 basic guitar ideas – T.Rexy rhythn acoustic, melody rhythm and jangly melody. 1 and 3 seem to have some promise.
Song is suggesting rhythms I hadn’t expected, not that it is a song yet.. Celli (Garritan) sound good combined with simple bass guitar (Trilogy – trad bass sound, not usual patch).
Fing Albino synth sound to gel those bass elements – similar sound to travelling Light.
Re record Jangly Melody Guitar to fit with feel of track.
Look for another rhythm guitar – play along for a while and find very simple muted part which seems to fit with the celli so they sound like one thing.. sketch part, will fine tune later.
Mumble/sing some vocal ideas – the recurring vocal phrase for this buch of songs; ‘and then again’ seems to fit as a possible hook in this song.. maybe this could be ‘The Other Hand’.
All the while, the last 4 hours, I’ve been downloading files via Skype from Neil, files are large, finally all done 6.30 or so – late dinner. Yes we are on a very early schedule these days!! Go home.