Q – Ok, a bit of daftness here. If it were possible to combine all of your favourite things experienced on the road so that you had your ideal show package, what would you choose? Location and venue? Rider? Golf course and other entertainment? Pub and restuarant, or simply choice of food? Hotel? Instruments (and tech stuff if you wish)? Backing musician(s)? Song requests and encore? Travelling arrangements? Support act? Etc.

A – The most fun I ever had touring was when the Negatives got in a van in North America. The supports acts were, in this order – me, playing acoustically for 15 minutes – Brilliantine (Dave Derby’s band with me playing keyboards) – Jill Subule with the Negatives backing her on a few songs. It was a veritable Rolling Thunder Review. I’d like to do that again one day. If we could hole up in Melbourne for a couple of weeks, play some golf, and eat at Botanical I’d be hard pressed to complain.
My rider these days is a twix, an apple and some water. Riders are are definitely vanity fare. Decent hotels are a must, though.
My equipment just needs to be instruments I know and am comfortable with. If I could play a rental guitar I absolutely would – I’m sick of carrying these cases through the world’s airports.
Opening acts provide a particular quandary – I want then to be great, but I can’t really watch them and then expect to do a good show. I wouldn’t say no to M. Ward, though.