Q -I’ve been lucky to have seen several of your acoustic sets in the states and in the UK. I’m just curious of what have become your personal favorites to play acoustically. I’m sure it must change, but surely you have a few that you personally love to play. So, not taking the audience in mind, what is your perfect set?
To note: I’m still waiting to hear an acoustic version of “To the Lions”, a personal favorite. I feel a shout out coming on…..

A – That is tough – it does change and favourites often overstay their welcome and have to be rested for a while.
Current favourites – Pay For It, 2cv, Mainstream, Late Night, Early Town, Love like this can’t last, Happy for You, Butterfly, Please don’t tell me how the story ends (Kristofferson).
All time favourites – Why I love Country Music, Four Flights Up, Forest Fire (if it is a quiet room), Don’t Look Back, Famous Blue Raincoat (Cohen), Unhappy Song.
I’m sure I’ve forgottem some key songs here..