Q – You’ve mentioned that your publisher – Chrysalis – supported you after the Universal takeover in ’98 when your recordings were “in limbo”. I’ve always wonderded how the dynamics work between artist, record company and publisher. What role does your publisher play for you in your work?

A – Well, EMI was basically a banker who advanced me money based on the assumption that I would pay then back with interest (through record sales). I don’t recall EMI ever doing anything proactive to forward my career. Chrysalis do try to find ways to have my songs generate income – placement in films, commercials, etc. They have had some success. They are also in a position to behave like a record company to help get records made, and this may or may not be the case on my next record. I think it is fair to assume that if Chrysalis are not a part of the next process I’ll publish myself, or use an administrator like Bug. http://www.bugmusic.com/Page.aspx?p=Home