The Walkmen are America’s best rock band, I’d say and they review restaurants on their site!
Check out this list of their singers recent ill advised bets copied from the site and pasted here –

Recent bets lost by H. Leithauser:

Teri Hatcher and Howie Long are in fact NOT MARRIED!! They were just on some stupid commercial together.  $20

The fat kid from Stand By Me IS IN FACT Hollywood hunk/Scream 2 star Jerry Oconnell!!! $10

Seltzer water and club soda are in fact NOT THE EXACT SAME THING!!! Club soda contains bicarbonate of soda. $20

There is NO SUCH THING as a Dodge Prius!!!  There is a Toyota Prius.  $20

Cancun is in fact NOT ON THE WEST COAST of Mexico!!!  $30

Katy Sagal, of Married with Children fame, is in fact NOT RELATED to action hero Steven Segal.  They don’t even
spell their names the same!!!! She actually has many, many stage spelling variations of her name, NONE OF WHICH IS
SPELLED SEGAL!!!   $1,000

Derek Jeter was in fact NEVER TRADED from the New York Yankees to the New York Mets!!!!! $10

As of November 2006, Ham’s mother HAD IN FACT ALREADY MET his friend’s younger sister!!!! $150

Phil Collins did NOT PLAY DRUMS on the Eagles’ Hotel California!! $10

In Harry Nilsson’s Loop de Loop, he repeats “Pick Your Partner” twice.  There is LESS SPACE between the two lines
then Ham thought originally!…and Matt Barrick sang it CORRECTLY!!  $5

There are NO SHOTGUNS IN FOX HUNTING!!  The dogs in fact get the fox.  $10

Danny Gatton the guitar guru IS NOT Danny Elfman of film scoring!!!! They are 2 ENTIRELY DIFFERENT PEOPLE!!  $10

A really scratched and dirty blank cd from the floor of a rock van WAS ACTUALLY SALVAGED

Misty Mountain Hop is in fact on Led Zepllin IV, NOT LED ZEPPLIN III !!!  $5

My wife has loved them for a while. I’ve given in, she’s right.

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