Wednesday 24th

I was starting to think I’d never get around to this one. This song was written on the road promoting MIAFL, I’m not sure when I first sung it, but it might have been the Radio Bremen show.

The acoustic version features simple heavily accented 8’s rhythm guitar chords and vocal. There is a hint of a melody in the guitar part when it goes from Am to Em. And that’s about it. Words and a tune.

First thing is to remember how to play and sing it. Then figure out a tempo.
Record simple drum part and looping synth arpeggio – ala Coattails, NYC Sunshine, etc.
Waste quite lot of time trying to find complementary synth arpeggios to go with this one, to create a sound stage of sorts, to put the guitar on/against. I don’t find anything that works. Give up.
Record guide acoustic.
Look for another instrument. Find electric piano part which may work – it sits well with synth and drums.
Refine guide guitar via copy and paste – I have first half of song.
No lunch – holding out for promised fish restaurant dinner.
Record rest of song on guitar. Edit and add to existing to create one track. Need to EQ some sections to match the sounds – I don’t know what could have changed in an hour or two, maybe my playing..
Current arrangement is nice and short – some of the songs for this project are quite long, so more short ones will help. I do not want a 50+ minute record.
Sketch arpeggio guitar idea – too close in sound to main part. Work more on this tomorrow.