Q – Lloyd, what are your favorite songs on which you collaborated with the late Robert Quine? I think that his work on “Don’t Look Back” and “Like Lovers Do” are exceptional, and Quine himself said in an interview that he was most proud of these works.

A – Quine was very fond of Don’t Look Back, for sure, also No Blue Skies until we put keyboards on it!! Like Lovers Do, Happy For You, the b-side Millionaire and Love Like This Can’t Last were some that I recall he liked. He also played rhythm guitar on Weeping Wine, he liked being part of the rhythm section. He aslo wrote a few acoustic parts, notably some parts of Undressed, which I then played (he was the first to admit that he couldn’t really play an acoustic). He was very proud of his ‘sideman’ work and was often vocal in his disdain for folk who only wanted to hear him make noise.. He was also a big Negatives fan and used to come to our rehearsals sitting quietly in the corner smiling, at the absence of keyboards maybe..
My favourites? Don’t Look Back, No Blue Skies, Pay For It, Like Lovers Do.

Publication date: 15/03/2006