Q1 – Have you ever written a lyric, maybe from sometime ago, that when you perform it now or hear it again, it really makes you cringe!?

A – Oh, yes. There are few. Minor Character, James, Fall Together and I must say that I didn’t always enjoy reviving Morning is Broken…

Q2 – You managed to get the word ‘Holmfirth’ in one of the songs of the show and we couldn’t remember which song it was. Any help?

A – I doubt it was ‘Holmfirth’. If I’m lucky I can think of a town nearby and slot it into Undressed instead of Rome. I think I sang ‘Huddersfield’ that night didn’t I?

Q3 – I remember reading somewhere, possibly on this website, that there was a time in your younger days when songs were coming to you thick and fast. So much so, that you used the same line or phrase in different two songs! What was the line and what were the names of those two songs, we were struggling to remember?

A – ‘Pick you up, put you down’ is in Down on Mission Street and Forest Fire and there are a few other overlaps on that record. I don’t think it hurts. I t appears to be happening now a little, but not at quite the same pace – these songs are coming rather slowly.