I’m taking some time away from music.

I was sick on tour in Australia, I was sick on tour in Scandinavia, I’m sick again in Portugal. I have some kind of virus. This time my mental health has been impacted.

I’m fine, for now, I’m on antibiotics. I have people to talk to. The plan is to get the seven Portuguese shows done. Then I’ll fly home early May.

I need to address the root of the issue. I’d rather not go into details here. Honestly I don’t know exactly what’s going on but I’m pretty sure some major changes are needed in my lifestyle and work schedule. I’ll be consulting my MD and we’ll figure a plan. Most likely I’ll be in some kind of treatment facility for while, hopefully like The Magic Mountain.

I’ve cancelled the US East Coast shows that were scheduled for June. I’m keeping May, June and July free to heal/recover. I look forward to some golf in Ireland in late August and then September solo shows in the Ireland and the UK. We’ll reschedule the cancelled US dates as quickly as we can.

I’ll see you all in the Autumn.