1. Women in a Bar
2. Don’t Look Back
3. My Other Life
4. Girl from the North Country
5. Rattlesnakes
6. The Flipside of that Gentle Melancholy Feeling (fragment of unfinished piece)
7. If I Were Just a Song? (title unconfirmed)
8. Tell Your Sister
9. Chinese Translation
10. Brand New Friend
11. Old Enough to Know Better
12. That Boy
13. Butterfly
14. Late Night, Early Town
15. No Blue Skies- end of set #1

1. Heartbroken?
2. Like Lovers Do
3. Music in a Foreign Language
4. Pay For It
5. Trigger Happy
6. Why I Love Country Music
7. Impossible Girl
8. Lost Weekend
9. No More Love Songs
10. I’m Gone
11. NYC Sunshine
12. If I Were A Carpenter
13. Perfect Skin
14. Young Idealists
15. Unhappy Song

1. 2cv
2. Undressed

<I haven’t titled the new song yet – ‘If I were a song’ is probably favourite but it is still at draft two stage, so it will be fine tuned and who knows what that will do to it? LC>