Q – How are you getting along with your preparations for your tour in the UK with only a month or so left to go?

A – I’ve started guitar practice. Fingertips have gone very soft, so it hurts. I must admit, I don’t usually practice – well, not unless I’m working a new song into the set, but I’m hoping to make a decent record in Dublin. I’ve been laid up with this knee so I won’t have played for 5 months or so when I get back out there. There will be rust, I’m sure.

I also need to lose 11 lbs. I’ll let you know if I manage it – I can’t run and I don’t love to swim and I hate the gym, so I just bought an exercise bike (I can cycle here in the Summer, but Winter is too icy). It should be here on Wednesday.

More importantly – my physical therapist thinks I should be able to golf a little by April.