Wed 19th

This drum part is so simple that is proving to be the toughest one. It is hard for me to construct fills. I almost scrap the whole thing, then realise that the basic beat is good. I spend a long time trying different tom tom sets, only to go back to the set with brushes which match the snare. I realise that the fills must be, for the most part, just variations on the beat, with little punctuation. With this in mind I press on, but it is quite a long song, stragley, for such a small idea, and there are lots of parts, so it is slow. I’m done shortly after lunch, several days after I started.

Then address the synth part which I adlib’d what seems like about a year ago. Fortunately, the good stuff is really good and almost all in the later stages of the song. So I erase the sketchy first half and bring it in around 1.30..

Then I waste several hours wondering if I can get the electric piano sound I’m loving to work. I doesn’t and it doesn’t need anything else before the vocal. Will do a mix Friday. Playing golf tomorrow.