This is a song/sketch I’ve had in the back of my mind for several years. It is a traditional country and western type song narrated by someone who is maybe surprised that his life turned out the way it did – he is not traveling light…
Recorded guide piano as song reference.
Simple 2 beat drum pattern using Fxpansion BFD kit.
Bass played on keyboard using Spectrasonics Trilogy harmonics sound I hope to use as one of the main sounds for the record.
Found brush snare loop to sync in Ableton line, compressed and treated with Resonator. Recorded into DP.
Electric guitar sketch (335) – clicky Police (the band) style
Acoustic sketch – nylon strung (Guild) – folky part seems to give song an almost African feel
Linplug Albino synth arpegiator sound, played manually in sync to track – more African vibes.
Edit and repair electric guitar.
Re-record nylon strung, 2 takes, edit into composite take.
Try extra percussion, extra synth, 3rd guitar – erase all.
Leave until vocal ready.