Q – Hi, nice to hear about the Kristoffersson-cover with Jill. Will be waiting for that.

But I’ve always wondered how tribute-records generally work for the participating artists. Do you get paid? And if, how? (For expenses only, a fixed sum, royalties…) Since you have taken part in a few tribute-projects I thought you might reveal a bit about the “biz” šŸ˜‰

A – I can’t recall ever being paid much more than my expenses. John Zorn’s records (Bolan, Bacharach) do pay royalties, though. The Kristofferson track will be exclusively theirs for a year or so, after that I could use it. They paid Jill’s expenses to get here. I didn’t have any expenses, aside from my rent. I did take 6 days off my project to make it happen. But I’m a big Kristofferson fan, so I was happy to do that.