Q – I heard a song of yours years ago and recently found it again on an old (sorry) cassette. I would like to find a more up to date copy as I love it!The question is (not knowing the title of the song), what is the title of the song from years ago whose opening lines are something like:

After being drunk for eleven years, did you ever feel like…some pretty thing, pretty little thing could be missing from your life……did you ever feel like…..

I know, might not be close to your actual word but could you tell me the name of the song and where (unlikely as it is) I might be able to get hold of a copy?

A – The song is called ‘Love Your Wife’. It was on the last Commotions release – the ‘From The Hip’ EP. It is absolutely out of print right now. But we may be able to fix that in the next couple of years if Universal and I can agree on a ‘rarities’ release.

Publication date: 16/08/2006