Tuesday, Wednesday

House closing is any day now, but had exhausted house related task list and not ready to pack yet, so went in to do a little work.
Revisit the G Minor track. Fine tune drum kit sounds and add synth arpegio sound which works well on Coattails. Song seems to be working better, and will sit well next to Neil’s Green tune.
Upgrade virtual instruments – buy full version of Native Instruments sampler and add their Elektric Piano which will, hopefully, replace the Logic EVP88 instrument. Buy Synthogy Ivory Instrument (a virtual piano)- if this works well I may be able to work entirely within the computer, for all tracks excepting vocals and guitars.
15 tracks are now in progress, which is too much for one album. I am considering recording enough raw material for 2 albums, as I still have 2 important tracks to add and I think that the balance of the material needs more quiet, minimalist pieces.
With this in mind find simple acoustic sketch from sometime late 90’s early 00’s which was never used (I recently catalogued all unused sketches of any worth in iTunes, so I could throw out 50 or so cassettes. There are a lot of them). Construct song structure melody on open tuned acoustic. Jot down lyrical idea. Record simple rendition of idea status.