Thursday Sept 1st

Computer problems – in yesterday’s rearranging something must have gone awry. Several hours of reistalling software, reconfiguring and general testing of cables and it looks like one connector had loosened and screwed the whole thing.
By the time I’m done fixing it – the new box to run two computers from one station arrives. There is not a lot of room to install it, so I’m crawling around behind my workstation trying not to stand on to many cables for quite some time. I’m relieved that this, at least, works first time. I can now have a second monitor to work on Virtual Instrument editing while I edit, drums, for instance, on the main screen. This takes a little programming in DP to set it up, and I’m away. Spend the rest of the day trying to make cymbals sound acceptable as part of the BFD kit I’m using for Young Idealists.