Q -1. Will there ever be a collection of your videos released? I came across the Forest Fire video on this site and it made me think of some of the other videos of yours I’d seen and would like to see again.

2. Which 80’s bands were you friends with back in the day or still to this day? Other New Romantic bands? Just wondering if you were friends with say… Feargal Sharkey, Hipsway, or the Blow Monkeys or anyone else we might know.

A1 – The videos were included in a bonus DVD that came with ‘The Singles’ which was rteleased in the UK in 2004. That is the only place that I have them.

A2 – We were pals with Blow Monkeys and Del Amitri, as we toured with them, and some of Hipsway were friends. No new Romantics, I’m afraid. I thought Paddy from Prefab Sprout was very nice.

Publication date: 27/06/2006