Q – will you be giving a listen to morrissey’s new LP, which was produced by tony visconti in rome and even includes ennio morricone orchestrating 1 track.

did you ever hear & enjoy any of morrissey’s 90s/90s solo LPs? If you have a chance, definitely check out 1994’s ‘vauxhall & I’ steve lillywhite did an outstanding production job there.

Im sure you cherish visconti’s 70s LPs by bowie & TRex as much as morrissey does?

A – I suppose I will. I didn’t hear the last one and wasn’t really very interested. Vaxhall and I was maybe the last Moz record I bought. I found it rather dull. Not awful, I suppose I’d just heard enough Moz for a while.. Was that before the Ronson one? I liked that one. Visconti has his name on more great records than anyone I can think of. I hope they make something worthy of the collaboration.