So we were outbid, which isn’t a great feeling. Played 9 holes of golf very early AM with English UMASS professor pal Julian. First disaster free round this year. 37.
Back to HWCYB? Which sounds dull, frankly. More drum work. Computer crashes, lose 40 minutes work. Realise snare drum ideas were terrible anyway. Lose backbeat. Change tempo from 74 to 72 actually helps. Try steel string guitar chords and rhythm ideas – all awful. Try to rewrite piano part – can’t seem to actually play anything with two left hands especially since I changed the key from Eb (which I can sort of play in) to D (which I obviously can’t)- find something close – record it and then edit midi to make something that sounds more like music to me. This takes forever. Eventually get something promising. Experiment with electric piano – find distorted sound to mix with bass. This helps.
Begin to think maybe a female vocal might be better in the verse.. Lullaby Baxter is visiting soon. Try to have track ready for her.
With piano part more melodic and syncopated return to steel string acoustic and simple part falls into place and sounds pretty much perfect. Will compile takes tomorrow.