I’ve been a little quiet, because in truth, I’ve done very little of substance. One reason being that I became rather overwhelmed by the task of getting something like 25 songs in shape, knowing that their origins lay in about 15 different notebooks… so I started just working on one song at a time with just the guitar and that has yielded some progress but nothing earth shattering. So yesterday I started what I’ve been putting off – I bought 4 presentation books http://www.itoya.com/Catalogs/Profolio/Profolio_html/I6-200_2.htm – and I set about gathering all pertinent notes and ordering them by song. I think this will take another day or so to complete, but then I wont be wondering if there was some great rhyme I’d though of three years ago… good/bad news is that I’ve already uncovered notes for three ideas, all very promising tht I’d forgotten – Astroturfing, Double Happiness and The New Yorkers – and a new tune has come to me which I’m quite pleased with – a very light hearted ditty ala 4 Flights Up / My Gal is Red Hot called Inverse Midas Touch (you guessed it – she’s got bad luck, she’s got the inverse Midas touch, etc).

The other distraction has been our garden. I was hoping to hire a gardener (I believe they are called ‘landscapers’ around here) this year, but for various reasons, none of which are appropriate for discussion here, I can’t. So I set out to do what I can and I’ve spent far more time than I’d budgeted crawling under trees, weeding, pruning and (my favourite) torching weeds. I’m covered in mosquito bites.

I think I pick up the banjo – with new tuning heads and little clips for the high string when using capos – today. I may or may not be getting a lesson when I pick it up.

So there you have it. I’m hoping to finish Broken Record AND Inverse Midas Touch for Friday’s little show. We’ll see.