Q – I haven’t seen mention of this new vinyl version of “Rattlesnakes.” Will you sell them through your site?

I’ve got a copy and the quality is very good, but I question the wisdom of including the four bonus tracks and thus rejiggering the side-one and side-two tracks. After all these years, not having side one end with “Forest Fire” doesn’t feel right. But I’m guessing you had no say.

Thanks for all the great songs.

A – Unfortunately we (who were The Commotions) didn’t find out about this until it was already released and for sale. Otherwise it wouldn’t have happened. The running order was based on the 1985 CD of Rattlesnakes and those involved with the release were not aware that this was not actually the original album. Mistakes were made and correct protocol was not followed, but we concluded that there was nothing untoward intended. We probably could have insisted that all 1000 (or so) printed were recalled, and someone would probably have been fired. Instead we asked that no more be printed and if another edition were to be pressed, that we should be consulted. We certainly would not have approved a 14 track LP, only the original 10 would be acceptable. If bonus tracks on vinyl were necessary, we suggest a bonus EP.

Initially I was particularly worried that a vinyl LP would imply a proper remastering from the original tapes, which this was not… however those types of reissues sell for 25-30 euros, and this sells for 12. All we have asked is that if anyone wants their money back, that they should be refunded. I doubt this will happen and it will probably become one of those fabulous accidental collectors items, like the That Boy single, which was ‘never released’ and yet quite a few people have them… We have two copies, but no working turntable right now.

Here’s a link to the release.