Q – I’m new to this site and hope I’m doing this right. I’m easily confused by most forms of technology- so bear with me if I screw this up. Anyway, I just am wondering what music you’re listening to these days. By the way I saw you last Sat. in Boston and you were great, I really enjoyed myself.

A – I recently got an iPod so i’m cataloguing a lot of old stuff and spending a furtune at Amazon after realising I don’t own all the records I thought I did. Where did they go? My brother, most likely, has them.. So – old stuff I’m enjoying – Scott Walker, Go Betweens, D. Bowie, Diamond Dogs, Joy Division, The Bathers, F. Sinatra, Bob Hund, Cluster, Cohen. New stuff – Anouar Brahem, My neighbour Thane from the band The Figments, Gillian Welch, Sakamoto’s Brasilian thing, and I do like the OutKast single.