Q -hey lloyd, what was the single most defining moment for you, as an artist? and, if you could change one thing about your past career decisions, what would it be, and why?
jennifer in buffalo

A – Hey, Jennifer,
Being able to write ‘Are you ready to be Heartbroken?’ was probably the big moment for me. I think that was when I realised I was actually doing it instead of wondering if I could..
Most of the mistakes I have made, and I would call ‘Don’t Get Weird..’ a mistake,
have been well intentioned, if naive. You have to make mistakes to learn, I guess, and I’m glad I havn’t always taken the easy road, artistically. So I’m happy with things as they are, and wouldn’t change much..certain hairstyles, maybe.. My so called career (as in making a living) has had some big ups which just about make up for some fairly deep troughs, so I suppose I can’t complain..

Publication date: 1/5/2000