Q – Apart from wanting to say thanks for a very pleasant relaxing, fun evening last Saturday night, i was just wondering if you could provide me with the title of one one your songs. It had the chorus “Could you be that girl?”, in it and also some pretty serious guitar playing by your good self. I am sorry if this offends you and your die hard fans – it is probably one of your most popular and I have probably committed Blasphemy to them by asking its identity. I have strayed for too long from your music and I would lkie to rectify the situation by down loading some of your tunes onto my ipod. I have already discovered Blackwoods and the Rolodex Incident. Anyway I really liked the aforementioned song and I would be very grateful if you would indulge me.

A – That would be ‘That Boy’. It is on ‘The Negatives’ and also ‘The Collection’.