Q – Why are there 2 covers of “Love Story”? Did the Americans not approve of your shirt…? And, I know you used a lot of Macromedia’s software for the design of your site. What about the computer? Please tell me you’re working on a Mac.
Mark Liechi, USA

A – The British record company didn’t like the window.. and I’m grateful; I prefer the British sleeve. That photo was taken in the Chelsea Hotel and I’ll quote Leonard Cohen (for a change), from the sleeve notes of his ‘Best of’ – I rarely ever look this good, or bad, depending on your politics.
I’ve been on a Mac since 1986, so I’m stuck, but I’m not ‘mac person’, they are all as bad as each other, they all crash and they are all out of date by the time you know how to use them.

Publication date: 1/12/2000