Q – It recently came to my attention that you live in Easthampton, Mass. As a resident of this town for 15 years (not to mention a fan since Perfect Skin), I had no idea. You certainly keep a low profile! Just curious what brought you to our obscure little town.

A – Well, I like it here. We left NYC in 1999 with no real plan except to find somewhere with good schools, seasons, and hopefully decent golf… We lived in Northampton for a few years, decided to stay, and then we started to look to buy a house (when the market was still buoyant). We couldn’t find one that suited us in Northampton but as soon as we looked beyond the town limits we found this house. Here we are. I’m not in hiding. I’m at the local golf courses fairly regularly and I’m only ten minutes walk from Cottage Street. I’ve even started to enjoy / almost understand baseball, which is just as well as it’s the only thing going on in the bar for half the year.