This must be in my top ten most played songs. I’ve never tired of it. Very simple chords. Blair wrote the verse and it goes in sixes rather than eights, still it feels natural to me, not clever for the sake of it.

I play it with a capo on the second fret. I think I always did… I no longer play the ‘I can see no purpose in my life’ tag before the final verse, and if there is anything I don’t like about the recording it’s my performance there… it’s better without it these days, I think.

Intro, Verse

D, Em, G

Chorus 1

F#m, G, Bm, Em, A, G

Chorus 2, 3

F#m, G, Bm, Em, A, G, A, G


C M9, Bm, CM9, Bm, D, A,

C M9, Bm, CM9, Bm, D, A, CM9, G

Tag before last verse

A, G, A, G