Q – Why is Don’t Get Weird on me Babe one of your mistakes?
-Victoria Miller, Los Angeles, CA & Noel Megahey & David A. Smith & Tony Iallonardo, Washington DC

A – Well, I don’t think my voice holds up too well with the orchestra. I wish it had been all orchestral, accepting my vocal limitations, because then there would have been no way to do a half assed job of presnting it to the public. As far as I can see, nobody, except my fans, knows about the orchestral songs..
Some of the lyrics are hilariously bad (this goes for some of Bad Vibes, too).. I am a strong opponent of the self righteous in art, but I sound pretty self righteous, and/or self important on a few tracks here.. a shame because ‘Margo’s Waltz’ and ‘What He doesn’t Know’ are pretty good for me..

Publication date: jan/1/2000