Q – First off, FANTASTIC gig in Ann Arbor last night. Top of the line. You may, or may not, remember afterwards I briefly asked you about Woman In A Bar and you mentioned in your current incarnation (just two guitarists) it is not easy to do. I didn’t want to hold up the line–but I was hoping for a bit more on that. Are you saying stripping it down to that is not what the melody needs and you feel the song loses some of it’s personality? That you prefer the guitar NOT to be front and center on that particular track? Keep it as nature intended, if you will? I’m kinda fiddling away with it on my end too–so I am anxious for your thoughts.

A – The chords don’t sound that good on the guitar!! There is a moment in the main piano ‘riff’ where there is an F and an E at the same time, this doesn’t work on the guitar. Also the bass notes move around on the piano creating movement which, so far, I’ve been unable to recreate on guitar. I’ll keep trying, but so far. No good.