I’m off tomorrow to Spain and the Germany and thereabouts. So it’s been somewhat frantic getting ready. especially after M Glossop’s studio renovation was moved forward meaning we have to have FINISHED mixing by March 3rd, which gives me a week when I get back from the tour to finish everything…
Mick thought he could get started without me to save time, so I spent two days exporting all the files for Pro Tools and they will be sent to him tomorrow.
I have about 2/3 of the vocals still to sing and 6 lyrics to complete. The writing I can do on tour, hopefully. Singing doesn’t usually take too long.. there are 2 backing vocals to be done, 2 bass parts and one string part.. It will be hard work to get it all done on time, but it is possible, and the thought of actually having this thing finished is quite a stimulant, for me anyway..

I’ll be away from the weblog for a while. Back after the tour.