Q – I was fortunate enough to get tickets to see your fabulous show in Philadelphia a few weeks ago. I had come hoping to hear your songs I have loved for 15+ years (e.g. Jennifer She Said, Hey Rusty). By the time the concert was over, I was a converted fan of your more recent albums – and happily departed with one in hand, purchased from the concert!

I was curious about the (paper, not computer) notebook you had on stage with you– especially after reading the very detailed write-up about a prior concert of yours on this weblog that mentioned the same notebook. Is it a list of the songs you plan on playing at the concert?

Do you have any future concerts scheduled? I checked and it seems like Philly was your last scheduled concert for the short term.

A – Nothing schedules in the NE of USA, I’m afraid. I’m glad you enjoyed the material. Some of it might have been older than you’d think – the Commotions songs represent the first 4 years of my work, only… My books, there are two, contain songs I wrote and songs other people wrote that I can sing. I have them there in case I forget words, or if someone calls out for something that seems like a good idea, but I haven’t played for a while. Both books are still expanding.